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Productivity Killers

I,ve always talked about how to increase productivity. How to achieve success and how to do the right thing. Well, today is all about what not to do. Today I'll try to shed some light on what I believe are the productivity killers and if you all have a different productivity killer than certainly let… Continue reading Productivity Killers

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The Myth of Being Interesting

Its a real thing in this real world. People ask all the time, how should I be interesting? In the dating world, it is required more than anything else, or is it not? Today I am going to talk about whether "Being Interesting" makes a difference. If it does, whether it is positive or negative… Continue reading The Myth of Being Interesting

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“Do not sell Education, instead try to impart Knowledge”

Values and mastery in a particular domain/field is a matter of time and mentorship available. Teachers are subject to making futuristic thinkers, complex problem solvers, and most importantly better individuals who are passionate about imparting their knowledge and leverage the same for building a better tomorrow. Everyone knows the importance of a good mentor. A… Continue reading “Do not sell Education, instead try to impart Knowledge”