Why are Successful boys Heartless?

Becoming successful is not easy. Today it takes more than perfecting a single trait to attain the real success. Of which, people only perceive the top or the exposed part and do not really dig deeper to know what kind of a person he is and what it did cost the person to reach his current position until and unless he is an idol to them.

The movies as we know today, portrait a rich or successful guy as a mean person who thinks “He can buy anything in the world”. I’m not talking about the movies made specifically around a successful protagonist, because of course, protagonist is never mean and if he is, they remedy that with a storyline and change it in the end!

I am talking about other movies, Titanic for example, Mr Hockley has been shown as a “successful” bad guy who is condescending to almost everyone. What did he do? Tried to win his lady with a necklace and that too not any necklace, an 86 carat diamond called “Heart of the Ocean”. Is it a bad thing? I don’t think so. But yeah they presented him as a bad guy by showing his ruthless nature towards his “Bride to Be”.

Enough with the movies!

Coming to the point here, Successful guys, may or may not think of them as superior to others which is equally true for the rest of the guys too. So how is this opinion made a bit too often of the successful.

Keep on reading to know……..

Every successful individual knows why certain people are attached to their lives. He knows what he means to a particular person.

And as said by Chanakya,

“There is no Friendship without Self Interest”

Do you remember that first person from your high school you became friends with? Why did you become friend with the one person sitting right next to you in your first class? “You wanted a friend” in that particular environment. Hence, the Self Interest.

So the above statement is valid for every friendship. You can verify it yourself too.

Human nature is to find benefits in every situation.

Now consider a situation, you’re not successful and can’t really give anyone any professional help. You are only good at providing the Emotional guidance and help which can be misinterpreted as love or maybe fondness for someone. Now this someone can be your potential love interest as well. Now since you listen to them and take care of them which every successful guy is equally capable of doing by the way, that’s exactly what people will conceive of you.

But the time you start building yourself up professionally, people stop looking for feelings and start looking for your practicality. The skills you have acquired and mastered somehow outshadow your feelings and emotional nature in the minds of others. Now if you’re trying to talk to a girl that you consider as being a nice person, she might think of you as the one who can give her great professional advice being successful and nothing more.

Now think of someone successful whom people have been seeking for advice and try to squeeze out any little detail of his success out of him. How would he react to someone not actually looking for advice but an emotional bond? He might as well perceive everyone interested in their lives as looking for professional benefits and nothing more. More often than not people actually try to find the answer to the question “Is he/she of any use to me?” in their first meeting and if the answer is yes, they get along with him/her and the rest of the time they ignore.

Picture Credits- simplereminders.com

So as a conclusion, we can say that attraction towards someone is superficial stuff which either is there or is not. People want what you’ve got and that’s what you can offer anyway. So that’s what successful boys do, they try to offer the wealth and end up being the ones thinking of themselves as superior to others and heartless.

Note: Do not seek people for benefits only. Try to consider their emotions as well. If you’ve got yourself into a relationship with someone, do ask them, what they think of you?. If all they talk about is how you are so knowledgeable and inspiring, just know that they think of you as a mentor or something and nothing else. But if they comment on your physical aspects, praising your smile and your emotional and social traits as well than only you should consider taking it any further! 



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