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“Do not sell Education, instead try to impart Knowledge”

Values and mastery in a particular domain/field is a matter of time and mentorship available. Teachers are subject to making futuristic thinkers, complex problem solvers, and most importantly better individuals who are passionate about imparting their knowledge and leverage the same for building a better tomorrow. Everyone knows the importance of a good mentor. A person who can launch you towards your goals. Who can precisely direct you towards your dreams. But this article is not about mentors or education system. This is about what should be the personal motto of each and every one of us.


Here’s the story:

The basic needs are required to be fulfilled, one way or the other. Teachers have their own needs to get their families better stuff and services, a better living. But to introspect, the needs that they had when they were growing up to be this “provider for a household” were different, weren’t they?


Lets see! They wanted fun, frolic, tasty and delicious food, chance to talk to the significant other and most importantly knowledge. Knowledge that was cheap and timely that satisfied their crave for success.

                                “One who wants to learn is never satisfied easily”

We’ve always wanted someone strict towards sharing his knowledge and have always hated the one trainer, who just asks for the money as we come to or leave the classroom. What kind of education system is this?


Okay! it is right to ask for money for the services being provided, but don’t you think the sole mindset of getting the students to pay the money as soon as they enroll themselves or start the class indicates nothing but

  1. The mentors nowadays doubt that the students will leave the course without paying once they get to know that the teacher is lacking the capabilities to teach well.


2. Do they only think of teaching as a business? To lure students into getting                                  themselves enrolled not because they want to but just because they need to, to get                  good grades by showing a bunch of unworthy certificates.

I am not saying it is the fault of mentors. They6629054127_6651867221_b‘ve got to earn for themselves, agreed! But there’s more to imparting knowledge than just money. If you are finally able to get them to pay the whole fees by the first week, it becomes your duty to give full attention and get each and every related concept to their notice and make it clear. Guide them so they know what they are doing and for what they’re doing it.

Satisfaction in return for the money paid is not a lot to ask for. But this is what some of you mentors are unable to provide them. Maybe you’ve thought the same when you were in your primes, thinking of achieving something great, while cursing daily for having your knowledge basket  always “half-empty”.

So for a teacher the Motto must be to impart quality knowledge first, earning money is second.

This is a matter of priorities that need to be considered first. The moral obligation served well can only make you eligible to qualify as a real teacher, a mentor, a guide who would not only be looked upto as an idol but also your methodologies will live far longer amongst the students of your students.

This article is nothing but a try to remind those who have opened institutions for nothing but to earn huge lots of money for providing low level education deteriorating the values attached to teacher-student paradigm.

The reason why our youth is unemployed is the lack of quality education. And the reason for most of them could be the cost.

A note to the government: Don’t keep on opening new schools and so called knowledge centers in the name of development and Education. Try to improve the Existing system by providing eligible teachers who can generate the mentors of tomorrow. Who should be ready to teach out-of -syllabus topics for the sake of knowledge and not just worry to finish the text or earn the money.


                           “Do not sell Education, instead try to impart Knowledge”


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