Workout to gain some Perspective

At some point in life each one of us has questioned our life choices. It happens to all of us. Holiday season’s are sometimes the most depressing as you have the time to overthink. We not only question the paths we followed but also begin to feel that our life is going down the dumpster. The worrisome part though, it happens two or three times a year or maybe more frequently depending on the phase of life you are going through. For example, 25 year olds trying to get a job might suffer from this more as compared to a high school student.

Although it is good to recall and evaluate your progress but it should be a healthy process. You should not start to hate yourself or be grumpy about everything around you. It should be to gain some perspective and get on with your life. As the saying goes “Lift Yourself UP, Dust Yourself Off, and Start Over”. You don’t need to regret about anything.  Whatever has happened was meant to happen. So all you got to do is be patient and happy.

There is simple way to be successful – Happiness

Happiness Brings Success! So all you need to do is

  1. Be Happy when you wake up.
  2. Be Happy when you go to bed.

Following these two rules is not simple. You can only be happy in the morning and while going to bed, if you’ve done sufficient amount of required work, you need to do. For example, If you’re preparing for an exam and you finished legitimate amount of syllabus by the end of the day that will make you not worry about the next day, you ultimately are going to be happy. So just do what you gotta do.

What if you don’t know what to do?

Well, that’s a toughy! Is that what you’re thinking? Actually it is quite simple. The idea of working out to lay-off some heat and stress. Its your holidays and you want to enjoy them. Don’t you? Then why are you thinking so much? Go out for a run or hit the gym. You would not only be happy to see the results and realise how people at your workplace will envy your fitness but it will also remove the negative energy and inner turmoil and will help you gain some perspective.

The same goes if you’re going through a difficult time in life. It could be anything. Stress between a relationship, family or anything else. If you just can’t figure out what to do, just escape into the nature, go for a run and see how it makes everything clear and simple.


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