Tricks to Drain-Out Negativity

Continuous stress of job or the fear of failure in the exam you’re going to take this weekend, negativity has its roots deep down in our minds that usually numbs the brain which otherwise could be doing a lot more on the productive grounds. Your mind keeps on shouting “This fear is real”, “This fear doesn’t let you flourish”, “You’ve got to get past it”, but you don’t know what to do.

For Example – 3 days before a Job interview you are ready to answer the questions that the Interviewer might ask. You’ve done your homework. Ready to take on anything and ablaze with confidence. Soon you realise that you should read up on the the projects you have mentioned on your CV. Now with this realization comes the thought of knowing the basics of building that project. You, the person that until now has been calling himself the most fortunate man/woman has suddenly started to doubt his/her potential. As these negative thoughts creep in they make you feel like you’ve done a terrible crime.

Relate to the situation above. This happens before exams as well. Although we have learnt everything we need. We still feel like something’s left or something we might forget. It is good practice to revise but overdoing and worrying would not get you anywhere as we have already discussed Don’t Be Over Cautious.

The Tricks we should account on in these situations are very well known but haven’t been practiced by us. Either we are tired of the day job or we are just not interested until we accept that only through these we could actually find our way to glory.

The Tricks are:

  1. Workout
  2. Writing

The time for these two W’s once we start stuffing in our schedule could do wonders. These two are the proven ways of getting rid of negativity. Apart from this, they’ll keep you in better shape both physically and mentally. So let’s just drain-out these negative thoughts that make us hollow. Feel your worth, respect the work you’ve done and the realise the worth of your Hard work.


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