First make us woo and then tell us how to do!

We study our whole life trying to remember each and every lesson of that elementary classroom book laid down according to the syllabi. We learn and pass the exams getting past every standard. But do we ever recall the syllabus of our previous class, maybe a little bit. But the syllabus that we once read two or three years ago is lost in a haste of our memory, isn’t it? Also we never bother to recall it until it is the only option in front of us.

In actuality, syllabus goes from basics to the pro level. We first learn the basics and then go on to developing something in future. But wouldn’t it be amazing if we get to know beforehand about what  we can do with it eventually. This could be helpful in generating interest in the young minds and they can start exploring the field as soon as they get a good grip over it and not two or three years later when they come to know that the thing they are dealing with, in one way or the other stems from the same basics they once learnt from the elementary book.

For example, who bothers about the transistors, capacitors and semiconductors while learning the basics of Electrical engineering except those having distinctive and innate instinct. They only feel keen about the basics when they are stuck in future making something out of, what we call it logic circuits or something.

Finally after all those years of “syllabus making no sense”, now is the time when our Interest builds up and we are fascinated by something and recognise what we want to do in future. But wait a minute, Is all of the above only true with Electronics? Maybe we get fascinated by the chemistry as well. Also don’t forget the programming part. So we are still unclear about which way to go and what degree or diploma to pursue.

Maybe this could have helped:

If the mentors, while teaching the basics would have thrown some light over the future of whatever they’re teaching and the ongoing innovation or recent usage of such concepts, students will be enamoured by the concepts and will try to start making their mind about which way to go and concentrating their whole lot of early age energy towards their goal. So this might guarantee no hectic mind boggling to decide a field of study in future.

So First make us woo and then tell us how to do!



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