Don’t be cautious. Just let your Conscience do the Job!

Many a times in this extreme life of ours, we come across situation that make us sweat through our pants. We get so nervous that we actually forget to be indulgent in whatever is going on around us. The effect of this is that the desire of us being the life of the party is completely shattered and believe me it’s not cool at all!

How many times did you end up being a loser after talking to a girl you like. Yeah! you kept whining about the same for many days and eventually made the rest of your days even worst and you know that.


At the starting of this article, I called our life as being “extreme”. Some of you might be thinking, this guy is just considering those born in the rich and famous families but am not. Actually each one of us has an interesting life, we just need to know it. “Boredom is a state of mind”  and no one is boring.

We have all got things to learn, studies to pursue, workout to do, singing and dancing lessons to practice, games to play and shopping to do. But everything is ruined if you are overly cautious and have nothing but the “care to take” in your mind.

I am not asking you to be reckless but at least enjoy while doing something and let the things happen by themselves. For example : You have newly learnt how to speak in English and  you know how to comprehend and reply. But while replying you go so much into making your thoughts up that you mess the whole sentence and speak the words out so fast that they go over the head of the one you are with. Please just let the normal flow of words go on. Don’t overthink.

Overly cautious people are not enjoyable. There are some things better done as it is. So you are in a competition, Singing if you will. You have memorized your song, practiced it but still worry about forgetting it on the stage. So what you do is, keep on reading the lyrics until the last moment and jumble every line as you set foot on the stage. I bet this is what you will curse about after loosing.

Remember that there is really nothing to be nervous about unless you are trying to be in the same cage as a family of Lions. Forget about the judgemental people. They are going to judge whatever. Just learn that you are ready to blow the minds up and take your act to the extremities savouring each and every step.




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