Atlast – He is the Bad One

All those years of being nice and fun to friends so they can remember him and cherish his memories have gone in vain after almost three years passed that time and he came to know how others perceived him. The fun and happy persona he used to project in front of his loved ones and the one he once thought of as the solemate although being in constant fear of other guys has turned him into being looked upon as a guy who plays with girls.

Unfair, isn’t it?

Here’s the story :

He was good by nature, was quite influenced by love songs and was in complete LOVE-RAGE.  A naughty and studious one who was inherently intelligent and emotional as well. He knew about the hardships and friendships. He never probably thought any wrong about others because he knew after all everyone is a human. Days passed by he was attracted to a girl for all those years when he was completing his intense 6th, 7th and 8th standards. The girl had studied with him for a certain amount of time by now. But the school now had become a more intimate place to go to because now some bond had attached him to the girl. Obviously the continuous eye contact and looking for each other had made them feel the need for each other.

She was also very pretty and cute as the children of that age usually are. But being a girl she was rocking it all up. Short hairs, Beautiful eyes that can inject the aura that could even make the veins of beholder pump the blood that made the mind blow, nice skin tone, cherry lips and a nature that every guy wants her beloved to have.

But since she was quite pretty and anyone can fall prey to the beauty at this age, many were attracted to her. But she was attracted to the one who once smiled at her while running to the other side with his sporty spirited friends and made her fall in love with him.

The grudges by now had increased in the young minds of the other guys who wanted to part them both up and enjoy the love being embraced upon them. But True Love has got his own ways. The boy was strong enough to stand for his possession and was quite resentful for not getting what belongs to him already. So haters could have had got no luck to steal his love away if this would have never happened –


Back in 5th standard, Young naughty minds having little knowledge of society began forming pairs between boys and girls. The protagonist was paired with one of his good friends who hearing the same, called her parents against him. Now His parents were called by the school authorities after he was already insulted by the good friend in front of a junior class on the command of a teacher who never bothered about knowing the facts. 


So now in the constant fear of being related to such love stuff all over again, the boy never accepted the fact that there was actually something going on between two little souls.

Now an another guy, began threatening him for leaving the girl as there seem to be nothing between them except the wide smile that was automatic to show up when they saw each other. Now that the threats with an army of young friends can be real danger for a single mind to bear. So he shared it with an old friend who lived in close proximity and had already read in his school. But all those guys were maybe a bit more mature already and knew the way with such things. Eventually the only hope, the old friend fell in love with same girl.

Yes! the lover in school was there to make the life of our protagonist worst plus one that never told and made our dear protagonist feel all f***** up while in school bus and now this old friend.

Somehow he got away with his burden and became to pretend as an acquaintance to the girl. Something was burning inside him. Then one day, that old friend asked him if he had any strings attached to her. To which he replied, NOPE.

He knew he is not talking to her and that there is nothing wrong in admitting this. Now the old friend began to reach out to the girl who still managed to see the protagonist off while he went back home riding the school bus. The grudges were same but the hearts holding those have considerably increased by now. But at last, the girl tried to communicate and she made her contact number available to the protagonist as they reached the 11th standard. That was the first time when she confessed her love and he too expressed the same.

Now, they talked on call and never showed anything to anyone except the close friends. But as you know, Love can never be hidden. So all other guys came to know eventually.

By the 11th standard the streams of both lovers were different and the protagonist had his friends both boys and girls. He used to have fun time with them. Now one day the offended friends of  “The Old friend” encountered the protagonist and made him confess that there was something between them. Some days later they brought his “The old friend” and beat the protagonist up amidst the darkness of a winter evening, of which he never told anyone. He was happy that now everyone has done what he wants and there is now peace in life.

Exams for the 12th standard were over by now and the last day of school of which our protagonist have always waited came to an end, again with a threat and final talk between him and “The old friend”.

After school, something changed and the happy relation came to an end. It is hard to write about breakups. So this is something hidden from the readers. Reasons and doubts, only this was left of all the struggle he had for years.

He has become quite wise by now after suffering in an adventure. He seeks a good girl and is still not able to forget anything. But one of the fun friends has recently told him(The protagonist) that she thought that his flirting might have had hurt many girls including his love and this all because he was trying to be somewhat happy around his other friends in all those years of darkness. So finally the one who has loved and tried to escape the reality in front of loved ones and tried being happy and fun, flirting too at times to make friends smile is declared a culprit – “THE BAD GUY”

Tell me isn’t this cruel?



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