Making a schedule is beneficial to Doers

To live we need to work. Yes! am starting this one with a serious note because it is the bitter reality. As they say “If you want to just sit and do nothing, you need to be at the top”. But the rest of you like me who have still not acquainted with the mystical beauty of success, we better work hard to get our arms wrapped around her waist.

Now since we at this point have decided to work, I should point out two types of doers. First are those who have already decided their goal and dedicated their life or decided to dedicate it towards the destiny they seek. Second are those who are just kind of multi-talented fellas like me who have got to stick their noses in each and everything they find interesting.


The most important thing my dear readers is actually deciding beforehand the direction you want to proceed in and do whatever it takes to fulfill your dreams. A man having stuck his feet in two different boats always drowns. So go for a goal is the personal advice. You might have noticed by now that I am praising the First type of doers while am actually contained myself in the second category. The reason behind this is that I get carried away with literally everything. I get fascinated by each and every piece of work i see going around. Be it the gaming, Building muscles, adrenaline boost, Love and being loved, being life of the party, emotional singing/ listening/ writing and being a nerd who knows the working of stuff etc etc…

The list is beyond count. So this is the reason why we the second type of doers should make something out of all our daily tasks to  fulfill, a priority. “Scheduling mechanism is required to be a computer that does everything“.


So prioritize your work. The ultimate goal should be fulfilled . Darkness could have never been defeated if Frodo baggins have had left the idea of destroying the rings and returned to the hills. So let’s remove the darkness and proceed towards the success. All other deeds like playing games, workout, watching movies should be scheduled accordingly because come on people admit it, Life is to be Lived.

For those who have not yet understood whatever my mind has made me write in this condition of being responsible for not doing my work on time, please do read it again because I sincerely apologise for writing my mind out with all the raw thoughts that i thought would be helpful but to explain here is an example:

I love to watch movies, TV shows and series, WWE, Listen to music, write articles, talk to friends, Study and work my muscles out and check out new feeds on social media apps. So I just round the clock do multitasking and in the night i just end up doing nothing in particular. Yeah that an LOL moment. But still I understand my responsibilities and have made a resolution to prioritize my work.

Share with me any ideas you readers have to get rid of such situations. I am pretty much sure many of you might have done very well and have accomplished the goals. So please do comment any advice and views.


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