We never really Lose until we let the things get to our head

Opportunities come and go. some of them we hit according to the situation before us. Out of these, we get the outcomes that maybe or not are in accordance to our wishes but we never ever need to moan over these because opportunities are like the balls in a cricket match resembling our lives. Some we hit, Some go to the keeper’s hands, on some we score one or two and on the others we go for a six. Big or small, every opportunity matters but we are never out of the game because in reality there are no wickets to bold us.

It is a good practice to get on with anything before you. Just get ready to tackle anything that comes your way.hqdefault This is because nobody knows what is good for him. Apparently nobody has got the power to venture the future and look what is going to happen.

For example, consider that an eligible candidate is posted faraway from home and the ineligible ones are made to stay in an office. Now maybe despite being faraway from home, the eligible candidate may get a productive environment at the place he is sent. Also maybe the geographical conditions are better there. Apparently no one knows what destiny contains in store for you.

We just need to be happy. As the wording says “Smile in front of those who don’t like you, It kills them “. So if someone with hatred in his heart is laughing at your situation, you just need to show your inherent strength and laugh the moment off. Surely this kind of gesture is going to burn them inside.




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