Fake a Smile – A Starter pack for being nice

Human, a social animal has got a lot of people moving back and forth through his aura. So we the people who usually disguise ourselves  and never reveal our true selves to anyone we’re not comfortable with, are usually been told to be ourselves in order to be nice and rock the show.article-2014412-0CFB641900000578-390_468x582

The clause “BE YOURSELF” is usually given to understand as an advice to try to be comfortable with the individual we’re going to meet, especially the ones we are to be dating and yes it also makes sense as we can’t get into the good books of anyone we want to be with, being nervous and confined to certain boundaries while with them. So it is good to be yourself.

Also this will ensure that the person you are with will come to know you completely and will save the future “look we need to talk” thing that will end up by you being called a jerk or a bitch as you always concealed your identity in the past.

Now since we are not always comfortable with people around us. Also at times, we don’t have a reply to what they say. In such cases even if you’re offended but still you try to be cool as whatever the person says doesn’t matter you much because you just don’t care, it is good to just Fake a Smile. This will make you be a better social being as you will resemble a nice individual and also they might realise their mistake and will surely never do the same again.

Now consider another case here –

Maybe one of your friend has got somewhere in his mind that he has done something huge that you as an individual don’t consider being so jolly about.

For example maybe your friend has got a girlfriend finally and you are just alone still. In such a case every time he brings this up mocking you, you can just fake a smile in reply. It is same as Doctor Sheldon Cooper does when Rajesh was being named as one of the 30 under 30 to watch, by the People’s magazine in the very popular TV show “The Big Bang Theory”. Many of you might have now got the idea.

Going this way, you’ll not only be able to save your friendship but also resemble a person who appreciates a friend’s achievements no matter how small they are.

So just be yourself always and project positive vibes that attract people without being mean by adjusting the way you react to a weirdo. Fake a Smile if u will.


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