Exams in life resemble Driving a car

When you learn to drive and go out on a busy road for the first time, you’re almost in a constant terror of the obstacles coming towards you far away in the form of other cars. Somebody is reversing while another one is slowing down to diverge into an exit and yet another one is just throwing profanity on a nearby driver. But you as a young driver is caught up in a frenzy of fear which eventually goes away as you reach by those cars and apparently cross them.

Then after some years of excellence in driving you just don’t give a damn about what is far away and just drive safely and soundly through any road even if you have never been there before.

The same notion persists for the Exams that students at high schools and universities take. Although learning the syllabus is highly recommended before the exams and so does the mindset about what is yet to come but still some of the topics that are not that easy for you as the others are left and you are again caught in the same far away thoughts about what will happen as you pace towards the future.

So my dear readers whether young school students or the ones caught up in middle of the Exam of life, just for a moment stop thinking about what is yet to come, mark your work, make good strategy, enjoy and do complete the prerequisites and never fall because if you do, there is nothing in the world to be alive for.

Tackle each exam one by one, no need to rush. Make a good plan in the before exam holidays and start implementing but don’t forget to enjoy and have the last laugh. Work hard and then reward your achievements no matter how small they are. In the exams focus on the subject you are going to face first, take the exam then focus on the second and never ever regret about what you have already done. Just prepare for the next cause you have got no time to moan your mistakes. Just Go Ahead.

Thank you



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