Thinking is Free, So do more of it!

ThinkBiglogoHaving Experienced a thing you always have a particular image of it in your mind. Whether it be going to a place that makes you jubilant or may it be a movie, Our mind forms an image of the same. At moments, hearing things for the first time make a mental representation, mostly of the things that make you feel excited and aspired to see. But eventually when you see it in reality, it changes your perspective. Have you ever wandered what was your perception before going to a party and eventually after that. It might be a yes!. All of us almost had at times this situation.  why_you_must_think_positive

Although it happens to us but only occasionally, whenever we are rejuvenated by thinking of that “The Food for Thought”. Apart from those exciting ventures we hardly bother about to think of the routine work and occasions.

I today have felt that having in mind a notion about something you’re pretty soon going to do or the place you are going to be at is good. When we compare “what we thought of it before” with “what we think of it now”, it opens up a whole new mindset and makes us wiser and adds up to us learning new things.

For Example, I never had thought about the meaning of the movie “The Fault in our stars” until I watched it and now I wander what would I had thought of the title before if I could have given some stress to  think about it. It would have given me something knowledgeable as I aspire about learning the English Language more & more.

So, according to me I think thinking about stuff before doing it and eventually after doing it and then comparing the both can take our mind to an exceptionally greater level.

Generate Ideas:


New and fresh Ideas need a lot of thinking before to actually get one of those massively exciting and fascinating to others too. You think of something and try to research more and google it. To your surprise there’s always someone out there already giving a lot to the same idea and all you do now is to moan about the same. But if on the other hand, you have a beauty of thinking already waking you up in the morning with fresher ideas, just imagine how cool it would be? Not only you will be preached at work but also you’ll feel your worth.

So think Big and apparently Different and let the positive vibes roll in.creative-A

Reply and comment if you have some views about the same or you have ever had this kind of thought in your mind because “Thinking Sharpens us” as we all know. So put on your Thinking Caps to “Think Big and Beautiful”.


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