Let’s be HAPPY…..Question Yourself cause only that’s what it takes to get rid of Memories

MEMORIES…These Hurt The Most. 7626438-Close-up-of-a-yellow-pencil-erasing-the-word-memories-from-old-yellowed-paper-Stock-Photo

Memories, Some we cherish others we hate. Time passes by as if sand falls from the hand. No one has got the power to have a grip over it. It waits for nothing and no one. We are born, than we grow up and eventually we become old, weak and wise and finally we surrender at the hands of death. We are not known to the fact that what is gonna happen to us in the afterlife. So instead of letting go we need to know exactly what is to be done to make our life better, controlled and fun. I had recently read something, that now has an immense impression on me. It said… You should Question yourself – ” What you do to make yourself Happy? “ Answering the question, will lead you to a way where not only you will be happy but also you will be doing something that you will love since you are happy doing it and that particular field of your interest will be very fruitful and so you will never get bored, always love to work and there will be no sign of old memories that have haunted you for years.

Lost Someone Intimate:

Everyone Born has to leave one day. Yo might have read or even heard the phrase that “Nothing Lasts Forever“. This Phrase needs to be kept in mind otherwise you will either be arrogant at the possession of something/someone and will eventually loose your pace once you get separated from that and it will be hard for you to get back together again. The pain, The Memories will not let you live unless you find a way to be happy/busy again.

Unlike the Lifeless things, Memories of somebody living may be much more difficult to get through.

So you Lost your Dog?

Pets are an intimate part of our lives. They adore us in a way that cannot be expressed. The pet’s Love is without conditions. Although you have to put the food in their bowl, but regardless of this they even don’t complain for anything and this is what takes us too far into being warm with them. But since they don’t have a long lifespan like human’s, so they’re to leave one day.

My dog died this year on 15 Jan 2015. I was mourning at his death. He’s was my first Dog and eventually my first Pet. I was very sad at loosing him. I couldn’t do well for a month after he died. I thought about me taking him for a walk. Spending time with him since I was a child. I used to sit beside him and say to him the problems that i was having at times. I remembered how he used to listen to me very quietly and providing me a way to release the inner emotional turmoil.

But after 3-4 months my father got me another dog. He’s now a good part of my life and an intimate too. I share my feelings with him. He Loves me and loosing my first Dog made me an animal lover cause he reminded me how much i loved him. Now  shower all the love i have for animals on my pet and he does the same for me. He is always rejuvenated at seeing me like we are meeting after a long time.

So getting out of memories is very easy if we put the right step at the right time.

How to replace a relation?

Getting a new Dog is very easy but getting a new brother isn’t. Now since you have lost a family member or an intimate friend of yours, so it seems almost impossible to vacate and ultimately fill the space he/she left behind in your heart with someone else.

And yes!….you shouldn’t do this. Never be so much fast into finding the new person, you will fail for sure. After you have lost someone you might be in an urge to fill the space but it is not a good practice to hit on everyone you meet. You still need to abide by your terms of friendship. The “Terms” here doesn’t mean the conditions but the qualities of a good friend that you yourself have laid down somewhere in your mind. The one you consider being a good friend must be approached not everyone.

But at times it isn’t possible to find another. In that very situation get yourself some work to do. Some real work that makes you cheer up and provides a good fortune so that you are not reminded of your left out part.

Getting through memories:

Now coming to the other things one can do to get rid of memories.

1. One should never ever try to loose all the memories of someone intimate. Some of them might be cherish-able. Without memories we’re nothing. Obviously you need something to tell someone you meet to get the conversation going. If you have some really good memories, you’ll be able to tell them and make your day.


2. Good memories need to be told everyone, but what to do with the Bad ones?come to terms with them. Try to know what is haunting you. what is getting into your way being happy. whether be good or bad, you have learnt something from each one of that. so you are better now and there was not your fault behind anything that got wrong. So recognize the haunting memories. At this point half of the work of getting out of harsh memories is done.

3.Now since you know the origin of those harsh and painful memories just remember what you have learnt from those and make the lesson settle into your heart by either writing it down on your personal diary or just reminding it yourself for some days. By this you’ll come to terms with the origin and ultimate solution to these kind of memories and you will eventually originate as being more powerful and strong.

Memories of the Girlfriend:

Nowadays it has become a tradition for getting in touch with a new girl and cutting off with old ones. People think of it as a game. They don’t even bother about considering if they really Love the person or are they just making time pass. But the pain of loosing someone who we really Love is unbearable.

People leave us, whatever be the reason hatred, worries, career, profession and even Death. This is  the Bitter truth that everyone needs to remember and this is the one that everyone of us forgets about.

So they’re gone leaving a place that is sometimes not compatible to be filled be anyone else around us.

Those still around us, who love us try to fill in but the walls we have built by the time around ourselves to be secure of the world who leaves us hinder anyone from getting into our lives. What we’re left with is just the loneliness and that’s the menace that takes over us after sometime as we slowly forget about past.

Now we are alone and no one, who had known us lately tries to befriend us because of the reasons we gave them.

For Example let’s just think your Girlfriend left you, whatever be the reason. You tried to contact her, tried to resolve the issues you both had but you finally end up with nothing in your hands. You feel lonely and let no one enter your life. Not even the girl who has a crush on you. You think she’s not the one for you. She strives hard to be in your life but ends up being a friend or a stranger.

Surely, She’s not gonna hit you again. So you are alone. YES!…you cannot be with a girl whom you don’t Love but at least tackle the situation positively and tell them the reason you can’t be with them.

The solution is that just share the feelings with that girl as a friend or any friend of yours to get some inner peace and never “Rush to have a new Girlfriend“. Just stay calm, the right person will arrive sooner or later at the right time and will hit you like the cupid’s arrow.

So Stay Happy….and Question yourself…..What you do to be Happy?happy-birds


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